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Posted by admin April 9th, 2009

Following are the Components of Physical Fitness :

1. Speed: The speed is the ability of a person, vehicle movements at high speed in the shortest time. It is equal to the distance, per unit of time. the element of speed is in most of the athletic skills like running a sprint, some skills of football, basketball, etc.

2.Strength: Strength is the ability of a muscle to become experts or released by the contraction force a person to overcome resistance or opposition.

3. Power: Power is the ability of muscles to maximum effect in the shortest time. It is equal to force multiplied by speed. It is the combination of strength and speed. Speed and power are combined for a high performance in activities such as baseball throw, jump for height, soccer kick, punch boxes, etc.

4. Stamina: Stamina is the ability of the person to move moderate (sub-maximum) contractions over a longer period under the terms of exhaustion or fatigue. It is the product of all the mental and physical energy of the human body.

5. Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability of muscles to move with a large range of motion.

6. Agility: Agility is the ability to change a person or position in space to change directions quickly and as effectively as football player quickly changes direction, or the opponents dodge, barrier crossing of the barrier or barriers, zig-zag running, etc.

7. Balance: Balance is the ability of a person to control the human body or to maintain balance under static and dynamic conditions, such as hand, skating, skiing, catch a fly in baseball, etc.

Reference citation: Sports & Recreation – Free Blog

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